Sunday, September 26, 2010

It doesn't matter that it's sideways

Brunswick Heads, September 2010
It doesn't matter that you can't really see this lamb ragu. It was bloody awful. We stopped in to have lunch in 'Bruns' with Adam and Rach one Sunday. There are lots of good things to say about Bruns but their spaghetti so far isn't one of them. It tasted off, there were unwelcome root vegetables and it wasn't that hot. If something is really, really hot you can almost forgive anything because you can't really taste it. This was not the case. Apparently the place to go for good Italian there is Sticky Fingers. We haven't been able to get there yet but hopefully this week is our week. It's only open from Wednesdays to Sunday. This ragu? 1/10. Sorry!

Too excited to eat.

Noosa, September 2010
Up in the Sunshine State we all gathered for Leishas pre-wedding day drinks at Cafe Le Monde. Not that I'm an expert but I think this old bird may have passed its culinary heyday back in the early nineties. My spaghetti resembled something out of a Womens Weekly cookbook, made for the first time. Squishy pasta, lumpy mince, the kind of thing a kid would only be proud of. Luckily we weren't really there for fine dining, food was more a blockage for champagne so all was well. I ate it because it was hot and everyone would pay me out if I didn't but to be honest I was being generous for the 5/10.
Acknowledgements: Del the photographer, Giz as model

Friday, September 17, 2010

Farm-girl spaghetti

Mullumbimby, September 2010
I was momentarily concerned about posting a photograph of me in my pajama shirt but am quietly confident only a very limited number of people browse this blog so decided to go ahead. This is my first spaghetti bol in our new house on the hill in the country near the beach. The beef came from the butcher in town where our agister sells his beef and the pasta is organic low-GI schmergen from the Mullum Farmers Markets (at the showground every Friday). The only glitch was that I forgot the tinned tomatoes so I crushed some real tomatoes instead which sounds good in theory but wasn't as tasty. 8/10

Spaghetti scrub-a-dub-dub

New York, August 2010
Found these in MoMa - they are like steel wool except better because they are spaghetti. Really does look like fresh spaghetti in the packet too.