Sunday, February 27, 2011

An oldie but a goodie

Brisbane, February 2011
Growing up Ginos was my second kitchen around the corner. Eventually they recognised my voice on the phone and would just say 'see you soon Sophie'. The time it took to get there was aligned with my little parcel of goodness being ready for collection. The perfect arrangement. They even catered for my 21st. Nowadays my loyalty remains but my friends and family have been burnt out. I suspect I made them go there one too many times. There is far too much rolling of the eyes and complaining in order to get my fix. It's nothing against my beloved Ginos, more to get a reaction out of me I suspect. But like smells bring back memories, Ginos reminds me of happy times. Same floor, same tables, same smiling owners and the same taste. I think of Sunday night dinners as a kid when it's still light outside and then boozy nights with the girls back when people could smoke inside and there were plastic plants everywhere. My latest takeaway was as good as always and I look forward to the next. 7.5/10

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That's a 10.

Sydney, February 2011
I was salivating before we even got to Il Baretto and it lived up to every bit of my hype. In all the thousands of spaghetti bols I've had, this is it. The Queen of spaghettis. Chewy fresh pasta, finely minced sauce with a balance of tomato. Tasty wine and epic bruschetta. Sometimes all the details just fall into place - a lazy summer Saturday, good old friends, a friendly waitress and visiting the random pub across the road first where you can take your drinks with you. The standard has been set. 10/10

Monday, February 21, 2011

Big city lights

Sydney, February 2011
Ok so I may have gotten just a little bit over excited when visiting my old stomping ground. I just wanted to drink, eat and see everything in sight. A late night Friday was followed by spaghetti for lunch at the London Hotel in Paddington and spaghetti again for dinner in Slurry Hills. Eek! Don't tell the carb police. The London ambience and the company of my friends far outweighed the taste of the spaghetti. It was oregano central with proper stewed beef, alright in theory yeah but keep it simple peeps. Carrot popped its ugly little head up also. Not sure why people insist on trying to make it nutritious. Nobody is fooled. A lovely late lunch none the less. Spaghetti though scores 4/10

Monday, February 14, 2011

The way to a girl's heart

Mullumbimby, February 2011
I'm pretty hypocritical when it comes to Valentines Day. Choose when I for it or against it. When Ricey suggests making me homemade meatballs, I'm certainly for it. He spent hours in the kitchen, making a royal mess using every single piece of equipment to make this delicious meal. Only trouble was he snacked so much along the way that he didn't even eat his. I practically licked the plate. It was damn good, I guess I love spag bol and I love rissoles and this is like some kind of magical hybrid. I didn't rate it in front of him but it gets 8.5/10

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thirty degrees, no cheese thanks

Byron Bay, February 2011
Most surfers would be fanging to get their new board wet. We've had this beautiful 3 year old mal sitting in the shed for months now which is disgraceful. I guess it's ok because we're not actually surfers. Yet. Anyway it made it's maiden voyage at the pass in Byron today. Ricey scratched off the price tag while we were stopping for a bakery breaky. Corinne and Cameron were already there and Rach and Adam drove down for the day. After some sensational time at the beach spent falling off the board or even onto the board, we had worked up an appetite. Treetops at Belongil was the perfect spot to have some post-beach beers and italian. 6/10

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mole or piercing on the waitress? Still not sure.

Byron Bay, February 2011
Since moving to the farm, days have lost their meaning. We could pop up to Brisbane on a Wednesday and then work the weekend, it doesn't matter. The perks are when you have a night out in Byron on a Tuesday and lie on the beach the next morning, there's no one there. I thought no one worked in Byron anyway? Good point. But this day it was just the dophins, the kayakers trying to take photos of the dolphins, a few crusty surfers and us. We had been to Italian at the Pacific - it's next door to the Beach Hotel on the front there at Byron. Sweet low riding chairs, tasty wine and fresh pasta. Ricey nearly blew a button with his slow cooked lamb shank lasagne. The only bombdive was the creme brulee. Some monkey put pineapple or another other unwelcome fruit in there. Huge mistake. Italian nona's would be turning in their grave. Apart from that delightful. 8/10

Big in Brunswick Heads

Brunswick Heads, January 2011
Sorry everyone for this terrible photo but apparently a similar one now resides INSIDE Sticky Fingers. While we were eating, the guy who is selling Sticky's asked to take a piccy and now it's up inside the restaurant. Corinne isn't in the picture but she should be, she goes nuts over the Chango. In your head when you think of something - is it sometimes spoken by someone else?Perhaps that doesn't happen to you but it does to me. 'Chango pizza' is spoken by Corinne. Anyway I'm telling too many of my secrets. The spaghetti was brilliant as always and I shouldn't have finished it but I did. 8/10