Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old school country milk bar

Bingara, NSW, July 2012
Ricey has his sights set on some cows 7 hours west of us so we set off on a road trip last week. We saw so many beautiful old abandoned theatres and cafes along the way. It's so sad that the towns are far from their former glory because they are such beautiful retro buildings. This one had spaghetti on the menu so it was necessary to have lunch there. Peters Milkbar in Bingara, 3 hours west of Glen Innes (where you should stay at the Alpha Motel if you ever go). Old wooden booths, old school counter and big battered milkshake tins. My fingers show 7.5/10 but it was the best meal of the trip, more like an 8.  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Noodles, spaghetti, same thing

The Samara, Ubud, Bali
May 2012
This has got to be one of the most amazing spaghetti experiences I've ever had. The Samara guesthouse in Ubud has literally been placed onto rice patties in the middle of a rural area. You can't drive there, you have to get a scooter or walk along a narrow little path through the fields (they are working on getting golf buggies). It's completely open plan and to my delight, is run by a friendly italian man who has created an authentic cucina right there in the middle of Ubud. After a few meals that 'sort of taste alright but not really', I felt like I had won the lottery. We ate there for lunch two days running and I hopped straight from the pool to be eating bruchetta and amazing spaghetti. Ducks help the rice farmers get the patties into good shape so there must have been 60 ducks next door mucking around doing their thing. The meal was outstanding, I gave it a 9 but it's really a 9.5 (pasta could have been harder) and well over a 10 for ambience. I'll definitely be back to Bali now that I realise it's just Kuta that's overrun with bogans and the rest of the island is amazing. The Samara will be at the top of my list!   

Monday, February 13, 2012

Outdoor dining

The Farm, Mullumbimby, 2012
While I consider myself a professional spaghetti critic, the toughest critics are really my chooks. They can tell what lettuce has been bought from woolworths and what's from the farmers markets. Naturally they prefer the more expensive, natural kind. I've learnt they would rather eat bugs than eat lettuce from woolies! Here they are having some leftover spaghetti from Milk & Honey. I think they agree it's pretty good stuff. They can slurp it into their beaks like old nonnas. I'm not sure what rating they gave it because they only have 3 wouldn't really be fair to say it was 3/10. The entire thing was gone in 2 minutes though, a sign that it was good no doubt.